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New to China export products?

China Export Products

With the move to a more open economy, the components sourcing environment in China continues to expand with electronic contract manufacturers serivices. Companies who are thinking of expanding into the region should first look into whether or not their China export products suit the Chinese market. They should decide on which region they will be targeting and who their competitors are. Spending some time getting to know what local buyers and consumers tastes are will provide valuable information.

China made products and guanxi

Are you wondering what guanxi might have to do with China export products and China made products? Guanxi (pronounced gwahn she) is a major player in Chinese society. Mutual trust is the basis for Chinese commerce and business, and it has been for hundreds of years. The key to successfully doing business in China is to take the necessary time and effort to work at building long-term relationships. Guanxi is a dynamic part of building interpersonal relationships in China.

Another aspect of Chinese culture is "face". Having face is a sign of personal dignity- causing someone to lose face could ruin the potential for any China made products or any possible business relationship. Teasing or good-natured ribbing is common with Westerners, but it may unintentionally insult or offend a Chinese person.

In business negotiations, the Chinese tend to take their time. Be patient and stay calm. If you are greeted by a group of people with applause, you should return the applause. You won't find your Chinese hosts using the word 'no' often. If they don't want to accept a proposal they will indirectly turn you down.

Finally, small token gifts are traditional when first meeting. Remember not to give sharp gifts (scissors, knives) as that can be seen as wanting to sever the relationship. Wrapping gifts in red, yellow and pink is a good idea- using black, white or blue are no-nos, as these colors symbolize death and funerals.

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