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China investment castings: a look

China Investment CastingsAt Simmons Group we oversee the manufacturing processes of many casting operations, including China investment castings. Investment casting is also known as the lost wax process. It is one of the oldest processes, used back in the time of the Pharaohs to make gold jewelry. That's why its called precision investment castings- gold was and still is quite an investment. A pattern using wax or some other meltable material is made. A mold is created from this pattern that can be filled with molten metal. Just before pouring, the mold is pre-heated to around 1,000 degrees Celcius (1832 F) to remove any residues. It's important to not let air into the mold, so pouring is usually done under pressure. This process is relatively inexpensive and the components often don't need any further machining which saves time and labor costs. Materials that are used in making China investment castings range from aluminum castings, alloys, steels, bronzes and precious metals.

Precision investment castings means versatility

This manufacturing process is versatile, with products and parts ranging from golf club heads to hip replacement implants, to turbocharger wheels. The Second World War demanded precision investment castings for airframe parts and aircraft engine parts. The investment casting procedure can be used to make jewelry and sculptures, parts that can withstand high heat or have odd or unique shapes. The automobile industry, surgical equipment manufacturers, pump and valve industry, textile machinery manufacturers all make use of this metal contract maufacturing technique. Anything that an engineer can design, this type of process can create!

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