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Gray iron castings for transportation

We provide a wide range of castings for our worldwide customers through our Pacific Rim offices. Some of the materials we use for casting include:

  • aluminum
  • gray
  • zinc
  • steel
  • brass

Gray iron castings are used most often for the aerospace and transportation industries. They are favored for these industries because they are very resistant to cracking and high temperatures. The more typical uses of gray iron castings are for engine parts and electronic housings, but artistic and decorative applications use this material process, also. These castings are made with green sand and no bake mold procedures.

Aluminum sand-casting processing

Typical uses for Aluminum sand casting include engine parts, components, aircraft parts and many other applications. The aluminum sand casting process uses the finest aluminum alloys in three different mold processes: no bake, green sand castings and semi-permanent mold.

Zinc die casting in China

This type of die-casting produces some of the strongest and most durable parts. Smoother surfaces can be produced in comparison to sand casting. Zinc die casting in China is more popular when you have complex shapes in varying thickness. Where it might take you several stampings, using the die stamping method, die-casting reduces assembly time.

Zinc is the easiest alloy to cast. It is also easily plated and is strong. The advantage of zinc die-casting in China is that zinc is economical for smaller components. Although zinc is the easiest alloy to cast, magnesium is the easiest to machine.

Copper offers high corrosion resistance and comes close to steel in the strength department. Lead and tin are used for parts that have extremely close dimensions. Die-casting offers lower finishing costs when compared to forging and is there is not a lot of waste.

We also have precision investment castings for your metal contract manufacturing.

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