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Metal contract manufacturing companies

Metal Contract Manufacturing CompaniesWhat does a metal contract manufacturing company do? They offer all kinds of metal fabrication services, from alloy steel forgings, gray iron castings and small precision processing to large outfitted structures, like tollbooths. Metal contract manufacturing companies like China investment castings exporters service all kinds of engineering applications.

At Simmons Group we handle a wide range of metal products and zinc die cast hardware, from plumbing and bathroom accessories to auto parts to electronic devices. Supplying industrial castings, plastic injection moldings, metal forging, hardware and assemblies are all part of our services. Over 50 percent of our staff is mechanical or electronic engineers. We've been in the Pacific Rim since the late 1970's.

Pacific Rim imports: common mistakes

CPacific Rim ImportsSince we've been in the Pacific Rim imports business and watched how it has grown over the many years, we've seen a lot of Westerners making mistakes when doing business in Pacific Rim imports. Westerners tend to make comments about 'that's not how we do it in the United States.' When visiting a Pacific Rim country modesty and being a gracious visitor is important.

Another common mistake is to use idioms. People from countries like Taiwan, China and Japan do not understand these little sayings. Telling them to stop beating around the bush won't go very well! What about business cards? If you do a lot of business in a certain country, doesn't it make sense to have that country's native language on your business card? Also, the business card is presented with two hands, one at each corner and a slight bow. Never tuck your host's card away in a pocket. Look at it closely and keep it in front of you during any meetings. Another mistake is to write on it.

The Taiwan manufacturer

By the end of 2001, Taiwan's labor force numbered about 9.8 million and it ranked 14th among the globe's leading exporters. Although built on labor-intensive industry, like textiles and garment, the government put together a six-year plan, called 'Challenge 2008'. The plan was to transform Taiwan into a green silicon island and increase economic growth to over 5 percent in those six years.

The Taiwan manufacturer provided 80 percent of the IT industry's motherboards, computers and monitors in the year 2000. All kinds of electronic components, like integrated circuits and electrical conduit fittings are manufactured there. About 70% of the world's powered mobility aids are produced in Taiwan, as well as many diagnostic and medical devices.

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