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What is Outsource Procurement?

Procurement is a fancy word for purchasing. A company's purchasing department handles all major purchases. The term is often used in the energy industry. Gas, energy and electricity are "procured" by buying future contracts. The act of getting material or property or services is also known as procuring. Procurement outsourcing can involve using procurement agents or sourcing agents.

Procurement Services Providers

If your company is short-staffed you may want to look into hiring a product sourcing company, such as The Simmons Group. Sourcing companies help with things like matchmaking your company with a suitable source, consulting on logistics and quality control. Companies might think about bypassing procurement service providers or engineering inspection services. But if a company lacks experience in outsource procurement products from China, they won't be ready for the many challenges they might face.

Some of these challenges are:

  • Language Barrier- not all factories have English speaking representatives and many of the technical terms or names for materials are not easily translated.
  • Time Zones- if you don't have representation in China your questions could take up to 24 hours to be answered.
  • Factory Pricing- companies may not have the time to visit factories often enough to follow through and inspect the finished product.

Engineering Inspection Services

Having someone onsite to inspect and fix any problems right away is where you will ultimately save time and money. Working with, The Simmons Group, you can rest assured our manufacturing component sourcing solutions know and trust us. Therefore, engineering inspection services can be carried out easily and efficiently.

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