The Simmons Group - Opening The Door To Pacific Rim Sourcing Since 1949

Manufacturing in China sourcing

Whether your company is an engineering firm that is looking for sourcing parts, sub-assemblies, or even the finished product, outsourcing to China has become a viable choice. Pacific Rim firms are gaining popularity worldwide for their expertise in areas needed and desired in many manufacturing groups. When looking into outsourcing in the Pacific Rim, you’ll find their plastic injection components and plastic injection moldings are some of the best available in the world. Mold making for a wide range of products has been taking place in the Pacific Rim since the 1950's.

The number of industries that make use of plastics, plastic injection operations, and plastic injection molding would surprise you. From simple home appliances to more sophisticated medical products, the list of components and finished products that use this technology is endless.

When you choose Simmons Group as your OEM, you may choose to work with our in-house team of engineers, as we have our own tooling manufacture services available. Either way, there are plenty of options available.

Applications for parts sourcing

Whether you’re situated in Europe or North America, our various OEM clients have led us into parts sourcing for a large selection of applications. Our sources provide personal computer boards, point of sale terminals and other electronic products. Sometimes sourcing for parts is best, while the actual assembly remains onsite. We are involved in all stages of assembly and will coordinate the logistic details of having your assembled products shipped. /p>

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