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The Die Casting Process

ISand Casting Metal

At The Simmons Group, we’re able to work on many projects in our Pacific Rim offices. We have cold chamber machines for use with brass and aluminum and hot chamber machines as part of our zinc die cast hardware. Of course, our staff of well-trained engineers supports our onsite manufacturing.

There can be hundreds of various components to a complex assembly and many different processes can be used. Sand casting metal might be used, as well as stamping and plastic injection molding and precision investment castings. Pacific Rim manufacturers are able to provide many manufacturing options.

Zinc Die Cast Hardware

Some customers may need to incorporate precision-engineered zinc die cast hardware into their assemblies. These could be electrical switch-box components, residential window hardware, door hardware and more. Zinc die-casting is often used in plumbing and home appliances, as well.

What makes die-casting such a preferred process? Well, for one, it's a procedure that can be use more than one alloy. Zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper, tin, and lead can all be used in die construction. Die-casting provides a faster alternative to sand casting metal processing. The process includes a high-pressure injection of the molten alloy into a steel mold or tool. The die casting tool will usually produce a large number of components, before it needs to be replaced. The alloy tends to solidify quite quickly before it is automatically extracted.

Metal die casting is fast and cost effective. If you need a high volume of a component and you need it quickly, die-casting is a good process. Email The Simmons Group at today to learn more about our die casting process.

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