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Considering global sourcing from China

Global Sourcing From ChinaHaving a partner who is knowledgeable in worldwide suppliers has become more a necessity than a luxury. As more global markets realize the cost-savings and other advantages to global sourcing from China, it seems this worldwide strategy is here to stay. If your company is considering global sourcing from a China sourcing agent, you'll want to work with a company with years of expertise sourcing Asia markets.

Challenges when sourcing Asia

Sourcing AsiaThe cost savings are real - with many countries enjoying annual savings in ranges anywhere from 9 to over 40% on various items. Before sourcing Asia a company initially sets out to create networks. Its goals are to set up production capabilities and to integrate this production with their pre-established manufacturing network.

The vast supplier capabilities available are just one of the challenges that are faced. Add to that the fact that market information isn't always up-to-date or accurate, and it can make finding the right supplier difficult. Logistics may pose another challenge. How is the final delivery of your product going to be handled? Effective communication links have to be established.

Sourcing from China: Potential

Since there are challenges and potential risks, our complete and comprehensive services can help. Ask yourself what potential improvements could be made in components sourcing from China. Would you be able to expand into new product lines if you weren't lacking plant space? Are your production capabilities falling behind your customer demand?

Major products can be threatened when component part costs keep rising. Looking to China for component sourcing solutions can help cut production costs and boost your product line, as well as your bottom line. You can learn about the sourcing solutions offered by the Simmons Group at

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