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Choosing the Best Outsourcing Company in China

Let's face it. There are millions of suppliers worldwide. It only makes sense to partner with the parts components sourcing supplier that best suits your needs. One of the largest areas of outsourcing from China is in the electronic arena. Companies in this industry need OEM’s for many electronic parts, including integrated circuits, semi-conductors, connectors, microprocessors, resistors, relays and switches to name a few.

Working with an expert sourcing agent will ease the decision making process. What can you expect in the way of help with sourcing parts components? At Simmons Group we work to identify the key potential suppliers you'll want to consider. How we narrow down these suppliers is based on many factors, such as quality and capabilities, both now and in future product production. Parts components sourcing prospects will be examined to see how soon and how much of a cost reduction potential they offer.

A good agent works diligently on your behalf to bring you sourcing parts components that are viable for your product. They'll put together a list of prospective suppliers, take care of proposal requirements and help support negotiations.

In the electronic component arena special attention has to be given to the items being purchased, as many items can become obsolete quite quickly. Why is obsolescence such an issue in the electronics realm? More often than not, the redesigning of an item has become so expensive, that it becomes cheaper to create new ones. Couple that with the fact that a component and the end product don't always have the same life span and you begin to see how hard it is to predict obsolescence of any given part.

When you’re looking for outsourcing companies in China, make sure to consider Simmons Group. Our professionals will work with you to help manage all your sourcing needs.

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