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Electronics        Electronics
The major electronics markets of the world are demanding increasingly high levels of quality, increased technical capabilities, and responsive, efficient production. Through our contract electronic manufacturing, serves to efficiently package these requirements to offer the best in Pacific Rim electronic sourcing. Simmons' professionals identify and qualify manufacturers, conduct independent inspections and quality testing, and coordinate all logistical details.



In the manufacturing arena, specific components, parts and subassemblies are often more efficiently sourced overseas, while electronic assemblies remain at home. These end products range in application from educational devices to retail point-of-sale terminals and industrial controls.

Electronic displays, microprocessors, transformers and electronic components are now found in a wide variety of consumer products including automobiles, home appliances, calculators, communication devices and so on.

Specific Product Experience

Specific Product Experience:

Simmons sources electronic assemblies and finished products including POS terminals, stuffed and unstuffed single- and multi-layered PC boards, LCD and LED displays, power supplies, CAD/CAM assemblies and surface mounted products. These components are integral to a wide variety of consumer and industrial products and represent Simmons involvement with a variety of OEM accounts in North America and Europe.