The Simmons Group - Opening The Door To Pacific Rim Sourcing Since 1949

The plumbing industry and its products have played a major role in our Pacific Rim activities and OEM contract manufacturing ever since Simmons Group was founded in 1949.

Leaders in Export-oriented Plumbing Industry


The Simmons Group initiated the export-oriented plumbing industry in Japan in 1949. Three decades later, we duplicated that accomplishment in Taiwan, which has now become a major supply source of quality plumbing industry products for residential and industrial uses to markets in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Our pioneering efforts, which have brought about the accomplishments mentioned above, have now been extended to Thailand and China.

Product Range:

When you choose as your China OEM manufacturer, you can choose from plumping valves of brass, bronze, gun metal, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Gate valves, ball valves, swing checks, globe valves, and stop valves are also available.

Standards and specifications met include:

  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • UL Standards
  • UPC
  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO)
  • American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Japanese Industrial Standards ( JIS)
  • British Standards (BS)


Plumbing Valve Applications:

  • Sink faucets
  • Lavatory faucets
  • Stop valves
  • Traps
  • Sink, lavatory and tub wastes
  • Two and three valve bath tub diverters with trim
  • Two handle, single lever, washerless and ceramic cartridge taps
  • A full range of bathroom accessories
  • Vitreous china lavatories.

Efficient Technical Staff:


The product range for international markets is varied and growing. With the ability to satisfy both North American and European standards and specifications, our technical staff of plumbing valve manufacturers also work with an increasing number of OEM clients worldwide who require products engineered and manufactured to their proprietary design.

We take pride in the fact that in specification work and standard product, the Pacific Rim and the Simmons Group play a major role in supplying products to the plumbing industry worldwide.