The Simmons Group - Opening The Door To Pacific Rim Sourcing Since 1949

Why Simmons?

Experience, Expertise and Knowledge

For over 50 years, the Simmons Group has specialized in establishing long-term, efficient business relationships throughout the Pacific Rim for major OEM buyers worldwide. Our staff of professional project managers handles all aspects of your China outsourcing strategy, including sourcing, purchasing, production and shipping for you, the buyer. Simmons services are incorporated into a program tailored to meet your specific needs.

It's important to remember that the Simmons Group offers far more than a traditional trading company. Simmons, in representing the buyer, is experienced in removing the barriers to East-West trade that often deters outsourcing in the Pacific Rim. We accomplish this by functioning as an extension of your purchasing department. We source and purchase for you, rather than 'sell' to you.

In this electronic age it's easy to find sources for your products, but finding the right source isn't as simple. A product that fails to meet your quality standards or product requirements doesn't represent a savings and can be costly to correct. When you choose as for your OEM contract manufacturing, we ensure you receive the product to your specifications as negotiated. When purchasing offshore it is essential to understand the total purchase cost for any product, not just a quoted unit cost. Simmons assures that any project developed will be sustainable and most efficient, using our services to complete the order process not only for sample approval, first production, but long term repeat orders to maximize your investment.

The Simmons Group is experienced and prepared to manage all your Pacific Rim engineering requirements. To view a full length video about the Simmons Group of Companies, please click here.